Finding Bella

Finding Bella

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Lauren Hughes By kindofdauntless Updated Oct 17

He had two choices...

1. Leave her there to die

2. Take her home to a house full of vampires

And neither idea was very intriguing.

"There was just something about her undeserved death that would make it impossible to live through forever. I assumed it was because we'd interacted with her; spoken to her more than any other single human; touched her more than would usually be safe. She will leave an unchangeable mark on our existence, mine especially. She has defied the nature of my kind and her own. I should have killed her but I didn't. She shouldn't have survived that gunshot but she did. Although, I was positive that if we hadn't been the coven to find her, she may not have lived to tell the tale."

clararourk clararourk May 01
No!! You can't leave it there! Please update it! It's so well written I was suckled for the first few paragraphs. Please do update soon.
clararourk clararourk May 11
Aw how sweet he is with her. Another would have rejected anything with her. I really like this chapter. Please update soon, I really enjoy this story.
BurnmyLungs BurnmyLungs May 23
Love your book! It's amazing! I hope you update soon❤️❤️❤️❤️