A Dangerous Game (A Hunger Games Fan Fiction)

A Dangerous Game (A Hunger Games Fan Fiction)

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The Hunger Games are gone. It's been six months since the second rebellion ended. War has been avoided, and a new President of Panem has been elected. The districts affected by the second uprising are in rebuilding.

Meet Katrina Azaria, a teenage girl struggling through the aftermath of the second rebellion. Her home, District 12, is painfully struggling to rebuild and return to some normalcy. She's become a victim of the near outbreak of war. After things settle down a bit, she moves in with her best friend, Gale Hawthorne, and his family.

However, things are always worse before they get better. And when your best friend gets along with Katniss Everdeen, you know things are bound to get interesting.

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UnholyBookWhore UnholyBookWhore May 24, 2017
lol the hunger games ended but I cant help but reread fanfics like this
arrow_to_the_heart arrow_to_the_heart Jul 29, 2013
@Jze1812 thanks for the unexpected rating! Hope you read on and enjoy it further :)
arrow_to_the_heart arrow_to_the_heart Jul 21, 2013
@KnightofCamelot14 haha, well the first upload is tomorrow so you wont have to wait long.
Awkward_Normallity Awkward_Normallity Jul 21, 2013
Cool. I can't wait for this to be fully posted on Wattpad seems really epic!!!! Can't wait. :D
arrow_to_the_heart arrow_to_the_heart Jul 21, 2013
@Volleyballstar11 Well, then, I hope you like the full chapter and the book when it comes :)