Harry Potter & The Gift Of Time

Harry Potter & The Gift Of Time

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Bella Cullen By BellaMCullen Updated Oct 10, 2016

Harry Potter always thought there was something strange about his sudden feelings for the youngest Weasley sibling. For the first five years he'd never thought about the petite redhead in a romantic way, in fact his heart belonged to Hermione Granger. So why did the youngest Weaslet suddenly catch his eye? Why is Ron behaving like someone Harry had never met before?

Two weeks aft the Quidditch game where they got together Harry finds out the devastating truth. Ginny and Ron have been working against Harry and Hermione from the first time they met on Platform 9 &3/4. With the revelations out in the open Harry and Hermione decide to turn back time once more. However this time it's to make sure they are safe?

Will Harry returning to his past turn out for the better? Will he arrive to be raised by Padfoot or wake up back in the cupboard under the stairs? Will he meet up with Hermione before Hogwarts? Join me and find out.

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jacobpaul jacobpaul Oct 09, 2016
can not wait for the next chapter i have read all of your books on here and can not wait for you to do a new harry potter one i just have to say one thing you are good at writing
- - Oct 05, 2016
Yeah like there were muggles all around them who could've heard and she knows better then that