RWBY: Grimm Chronicles

RWBY: Grimm Chronicles

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Rjel/Lancer By PrinceNaro Updated Jun 07

Long ago, there were two children; one of Light, one of Darkness. The Child of the Light would be trained in her powers according to the prophecy, while the other would be left to suffer, and was thus taken in by Humanity's enemy. Then one day they met, and fell for each other and for a time, it seemed that a bright future was achievable...

But that Bright future never came and so, the child of Darkness was killed, but he survived

Anger at the betrayal, he left his home, only to come back many years later in order to burn it all to the ground. 

Then the two meet on that day, for the first in a long time and was the last. And so they fought one another and the child of darkness lost. 

She had a chance to end it. Once and for all...

And yet.....

She couldn't.....

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*Also it reads like a dark story book. The phrasing you've used makes it read as though it's actually being read aloud at the beginning of a movie.