Attraction ✓ TCS #3 - rewritten

Attraction ✓ TCS #3 - rewritten

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Avylinn Winter By Avylinn Completed

Joachim, the Swedish guy who refuses to grow up, meets his American opposite. Tom, the guy who had to grow up too fast, finds little amusement in the blond whirlwind who takes life for granted. 
  Thrown together in holy matrimony, as Joachim forgets that he's visiting the US on a tourist visa with an expiry date, the two tip-toe around each other in a weird mating dance. Neither has the intention to take the marriage further than the paper states, but both of them have a sad truth in common that might change their minds. 
White meets Black, and perhaps there is a chance for gray in between. Maybe.

This book can be read as a stand-alone

-- This is the rewritten version of Attraction. It is vastly different toward the end, which you will notice. Updates will be daily until I've caught up with where I am edit-wise

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offxans offxans Sep 10, 2017
Even Cole Sprouse yawns in the club to see if his crush is watching
MetallicPain MetallicPain Dec 10, 2017
Attraction is one of my fave stories published here in wattpad. :) I've re-read this many times. Every time I do, I love Joah and Tom more and more. Thank you.
Dine_Writes Dine_Writes Aug 30, 2017
I prefer the other cover of Attraction. The one on your other profile
98_salvatore 98_salvatore Aug 09, 2017
I can't believe he's my age and with a girlfriend and a daughter :''(
KayaSmi KayaSmi Jan 16, 2017
So what happened with Adam seeing him in the hospital bed? I'm dying to know, dying to read Toxic, but sadly it's not available so I'll just have to be content with asking anyone who's read it
book_junkiee book_junkiee Jan 12, 2017
I don't rlly get this convo.. what does he mean by he's not dropping them off? He is dropping them off