Rejection kills

Rejection kills

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Hannah Jones By Potter_Who Completed

"No you're not!" he shouts "You'll live... You have to! You're my mate" 

"Yes I am and the sooner you get that through your head the easier it will be when I do go! You rejected me Mase and I know you didn't know what would happen but you still did. I pleaded you not to but you still did it"  it started out as a shout but it turned in to a whisper.  

What happens when you are rejected by your own mate? 
No one knows. Until now. 
My name is Emma Williams and this is the story of how I died

You really need to try to make this more interesting because you have literally nothing to draw the reader in. You just list your characters and give a ton of info, and people won't remember this. There is also nothing interesting about it when there is no action or detail but just an info dump.
The amount of mispronunciations of the word Worcestershire will be immense.
This is really good! i like the tone you have sounded like a typical student in this xD maybe try for more description (more showing than telling)
She has school for six hours?! I have to go to school for eight hours! Fml