TWISTED SISTER and other fables...

TWISTED SISTER and other fables...

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Blue Baya By bayaBLUE Updated Feb 20

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an interactive blog, a  place for us ALL to chat about different topics & get to know each other. with NO judgment... Each chapter usually only takes about a minute to read! DO NOT BE SHY to jump into any part of this blog and SAY WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND. There are never any wrong/right answers.. Just opinions! 
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*This is rated mature because I cuss..A LOT!  This will contain adult topics sometimes (Mostly always)!  This is an interactive blog  so SOUND OFF and tell me how ya really feel. ALL ★ and comments welcome*

Don't be shy..leave as many comments as you like. SPEAK YOUR MIND! If you disagree with me...IT'S OKAY! 
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