TWISTED SISTER and other fables...

TWISTED SISTER and other fables...

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Blue Baya By bayaBLUE Completed

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Make sure and listen to the music on  each chapter. All songs go along with each chapters theme...


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I337896 I337896 Aug 18, 2017
It's a dragon! *flails arms wildly*
                              Wonder how one is supposed to lay down to sleep like that, tho
Hobnails Hobnails Apr 13, 2016
I think the appeal of Trump is a backswipe at everybody's disillusionment with mainstream, career politicians and the party system that supports them. Trump is not contaminated by the professional political bodies that gives him a freshness that is appealing as well as outrageous.
eliseanton eliseanton Apr 15, 2016
What the??? WHY have I just now discovered this???? @bayaBlue seriously, I need to get out more!
Red_Harvey Red_Harvey Apr 15, 2016
Love that you have a collected work now. How did I not know about this?!
HeartOfNature HeartOfNature Apr 22, 2016
Welp I'm fifteen and will probably scar myself but HEEEEEY IM A SCREWED UP CHICK ANYWAY SO
Guess your aware that in England Trump is another name for a FART!