Meeting Mario Selman

Meeting Mario Selman

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"Becca!" I heard my mom yell.
"Yes?" I yelled. 
" I am going to get supper I'll be back in 10 mins"

My name is Becca Moore and I live in orlando,Florida. I am 15 years old and homeschooled, and I am kinda a big fan of Mario selman;). I known him ever since he started you now. I wanna meet him so bad. He follows my fan account (Fake acc)  @ itsmariosalmon.
He likes all my photos and sometimes comments. I was guested once on his broadcast and he told me I was pretty😊. I was so happy he told me I was because mostly everyday I get bullied from this one kid named Noah. People say that he likes me but I doubt it. He gives me a bleeding nose for no reason. He lives across the street from me. Everyday i make sure that I am safe to go somewhere because I don't wanna die.

"Becca. I'm home!"
She came home with a pizza and some crazy bread. Mmhmm 
(After eating)
I was done eatting I went to my room because at around 6:30, 7:00 Mario goes live.
"Hey guys,what's up(sorry idk what he actually...

When you last names Moore your just there like
                              'I'm gonna say it's me but they got my first name wrong or I could just change my name yea that's better