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— Your Senpai By -uniqueorn Updated Jul 08

The title and cover says it all what more do you want

A book with an excellent high quality cringe. This book is 101% not trash. It'll be worth it.

Come and invite your family and friends to waste their precious milliseconds by reading this magnificent masterpiece

I'd rate it 420/11

(If ur a grammar nazi and u dont have a sense of humor then this book is not 4 u!1!!!11!!)

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I imagine him saying this is the most douchiest voice ever xD
My sister and I have this joke where her and her crush make out in the kitchen... so now I cant ever kiss someone in the kitchen because that is her 'Territory' lol
benitovibes benitovibes Jul 29
This story is extremely beautiful and detailed. This is somehow even better than Romeo and Juliet, probably because no one dies in this, but still. I love this. Thank you for bringing this to the world, Author. Love Shawn Mendes always.
@EndlessDaydream05 get this so we can read it together! DONT READ ANYTHING ELSR
Bakinthebiscuits Bakinthebiscuits Oct 25, 2016
Before I start reading I just wanna say I love the cover and the description 😂  HAD ME LAUGHING MY A** off
virtual_hugger virtual_hugger Aug 15, 2016
just gotta say
                              that cover is pretty dank
                              i give 10/10 rating