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Danika Vanguard By danikanakker Updated 5 days ago

In times past, a warrior would eat the heart of his enemies to gain their strength...

These are the times past.

The Queen of Hearts sits on the throne of Catrimar. Her signature phrase? Off with their head and out with their heart. With every heart she consumes, the Queen grows stronger and more skilled and no one dares challenge her for the throne. But when a magic mirror and a prediction from a seer show her the girl who will be her downfall, the Queen is determined to nip the rose in the bud.

She sends her slave, a werewolf with a black past, to take the girl's heart, but their encounter unearths secrets that neither wants uncovered.

Secrets that may put both of them in serious danger...

This is the story of a sympathetic assassin, a haunted Queen, and maid with lilac eyes, sure to smash the stereotypes you think you know.

A fairy tale mash up with elements from Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast and based on Native American and Aztec superstition (the heart eating bit).

[On hold until December 2016]

this has me totally intrigued and i love that it gives information but not too much. it's got totally different vibe to the story. i love this
Jojo_the_Rad_Penguin Jojo_the_Rad_Penguin Jul 06, 2016
I really like how you creative you got with the "Card Soldiers " From Alice in Wonderland. I wouldn't have been able to come up with something like that!
Woah.... well then, I mean, we won't judge you *silently judges*
khaotic- khaotic- May 27, 2016
Your writing is amazing. The plot is so creative, I love it!
wisteriaflower wisteriaflower Jun 25, 2016
Congratulations on winning the Mix Up contest! And I can totally see why- your writing is amazing :)