spin the bottle

spin the bottle

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sallyd1 By sallyd1 Updated Mar 04, 2017

Nick smirked clearly amused "what's wrong Chloe? Don't want to kiss me?"

Chloe furiously folded her arms as anger clutched the air. She was soo angry that you could hear her blood boil from a mile away. "well let's see umm...where to start? oh yeah you humiliate my bestie and for what holding feelings for you and now you all of a sudden expect me to kiss you i'd rather kiss a toilet !!!" Chloe disgustedly roared almost as if she was a lion.

"well here at Saint High it is a tradition to play spin the bottle after-"  "afterall the principle found true love thanks to that game" Chloe interjected."ooo well done looks like that brain of yours isn't dead just yet." Nick stated with amusment and a hint of admiration.

Enter Nick- the most popular badassed guy in school.

Enter Chloe-the most popular anti Nick girl in school.

Chloe has hated Nick and despised him ever since Nick rejected and humiliated Kelly (Chloe's best friend). Since then Chloe has vowed to get revenge some day. But the one thing Chloe doesn't know is that Nick secretly likes her. So i guess you could call it a love triangle.

(by the way i'm sick of all these bad boy stories where it's the same guy just with a different name so i know this sounds predictable but i'm going to make it as none cliche as i can)

athea_123 athea_123 Dec 04, 2017
Same thing I tell myself everyday when my friend goes ON AND ON AND ON about her crush--**he-who-shall-not-be-named**
loobylou123 loobylou123 Dec 13, 2017
I love the book but I’m the grammar police and it says i’m not I’m
CrazyStupidLove8 CrazyStupidLove8 Jan 24, 2016
Leah Stone is not your conventional beauty queen ......
                              so when her friends decide to up the stakes in a simple game of spin the bottle she ends up having to date the schools bad boy for 3 months, which wouldn't be a problem...... if he didn't hate her so much. FIND OUT MORE ON MY PAGE (please) :D
wowpowwowpow wowpowwowpow Jun 23, 2015
THANK YOU! I don't know why they all write the same story... The only thing that changes are the names