The Time Goddess (A Diabolik Lovers x Vampire Knight Fanfic)

The Time Goddess (A Diabolik Lovers x Vampire Knight Fanfic)

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Aya-chan By that-author Updated Oct 11, 2016

(Previously known as 'The Vampire Princess' but changed due to genericness of title lmao)

~Mari had a little lamb
                                                  ~Little lamb
           ~Little lamb
                            ~Little lamb
~It's fleece was white as snow

But what is snow?

Mari Kuran.  The younger twin sister of Yuki Kuran.  The younger sibling of Kaname Kuran.  The beloved child of Juri and Haruka.  The three siblings.  The King, the Queen, and the Princess.

Rido-Sakamaki-Cross Academy-Karlheinz

How do all these things connect?

Read and find out.

Disclaimer:  I don't own anything except for my characters and storyplot!!!

_PaperDoll123_ _PaperDoll123_ Aug 19, 2016
                              THIS GIRL IS TOKISAKI KURUMI FROM DATE A LIVE!!!!!
Candieseater Candieseater Dec 27, 2016
I love how all the comments have been reported 😹😹😹😹
Meiliaz Meiliaz Dec 04, 2016
Is it just me but when she called him "....daddy" did it not bother you at all?!😂😂
Amatrix-Senpai Amatrix-Senpai Jul 08, 2016
That was great, Author-Sama! o(^v^)O *Gives fist pump* Keep going!
Suicide_writer_3 Suicide_writer_3 Oct 10, 2016
I felt like crying since I finished re-watching all of Tokyo ghoul yesterday
Kawaiikuroneko96 Kawaiikuroneko96 Dec 24, 2016
*sobs* W-why Hide!!??? WHY!!!???
                              (Btw Kaneki is bae, also Uta)