What Is Reality?

What Is Reality?

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After having his heart broken by Derek, John is swept away by none other than Klaus Mikaelson. In Mysitic Falls John becomes an asset to the Original Vampires and a lover to Klaus. John is just beginning to put his life back together when the pack - and Derek - show up to bring him home. There's a battle, a murder, and suddenly everything is forever changed. It then becomes a race against time to change it back and a fight for survival for both the wolves and the vampires with John caught in the middle of it all.

NOT MY STORY! credits to Tesha198

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messiah2017 messiah2017 May 11
Damn.... If they go come after him, why would they leave him?
-parkmarion -parkmarion Jan 15
Beacon Hills?Derek? Is john by any chance played by Dylan O'MyLord, sry i mean O'Brien?
Wait since he's played by Dylan why didn't you just use stiles instead of john?