Very much an accident (lalu/ laxusxlucy)

Very much an accident (lalu/ laxusxlucy)

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Asuka Hasegawa By asukahasegawa Updated Feb 05, 2017

Low and behold it's mating season.
A season where dragon slayers find there mate for life.
And here's a guy who just can't find his mate.
And a girl waiting to be found.

Laxus is very angry because he can't find his mate and he is the only one without one.
To calm him, master sent him on a mission to the heartfilia estate to be a body Gaurd for a couple months.

Lucy is very sad and lonely because she has no one to be around other then her abusive controlling father. 
She is locked in her room all day, she was able to get her dad to agree to let her outside on the estate grounds as long as she had a body Gaurd.

What will happen? Will the two fall in love? I guess you'll just have to read to find out.

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The voice reminds me of Nugget from Kindergarten. 😂😂😂
er050603 er050603 Feb 11
I'll take the job! If I need to I can be scarier than Erza AND Mira at the same time!!!!!!
xXARMYs4LifeXx xXARMYs4LifeXx Nov 14, 2017
7 billion jewel a day sorry but the Heartfilias don’t have that kind of money. Nobody does.
NyanCat7757 NyanCat7757 Dec 27, 2017
The voice sounds like a child who doesn’t know how to talk properly... ITS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT
xXARMYs4LifeXx xXARMYs4LifeXx Nov 14, 2017
Fire bad 
                              Mate sad
                              You try to be thoughtful
                              But mate think you awful
                               ~ Laxus’ mind
Baby Laxus:Mate left not help left mate...mate super sad...mate lonely....You awful