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Swapfell Rp

Swapfell Rp

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I love BATIM By Awkward_Choro Completed

This is my favorite AU! Hehe~!

csf45200 csf45200 Mar 15
if crystal opal author shows up please do not rp let her in aaaaaaaaaaa
                              Looks: in profile picture but with wolf ears and tail
                              Likes: Sweets and meat (mostly) 
                              Dislikes: Collars, mean people and being treated like a pup
                              Family: none
                              Other: She's an orphan
                              "17.  Quite a rude question to ask if you ask me."
                              "I'm like Swapfell Sans."
                              "I look like a human when I have a hoodie on, but I have wolf ears and tail."
                              She has blue ears and tail with red tips to them.
Undyne99 Undyne99 Dec 16, 2016
Name: Jasiri.
                              Age: whatever  age Sans is.
                              Gender: female
                              Personality: same as Sans 
                              Monster: Skeleton
shadowchan24 shadowchan24 Oct 11, 2016
name: shadow
                              Age: 17
                              Species: half demon half angel
                              Personality: very shy and also kind and helpful
                              Family: none
                              Back Story: shadow had no one who ever cared about her so she ran away and fell into the underground.
                              Gender: female.
                              Eyes: red
                              Hair: long, black and silvery white
                              skin: pale white
"Alpha Wolf, why?"
                              "1600... You mean human years? 16"
                              "Do I look like a guy?" Female
                              Rude, sassy
                              "Why?" Bi
                              "Human/Bird monster hybrid"
                              "I'm the co-leader of the royal guard"