Storm- Stiles Stilinski

Storm- Stiles Stilinski

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"She was a storm, 
not the kind you run from,
the kind you chase."

Lucinda Finch was the perfect daughter, perfect grades, perfect friends, perfect clothes, perfect family, perfect life. She was happy.

Until she wasn't.

Until a drunk driver fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into her blissfully unaware mother on her 16th birthday and everything changed. Her grades were shit, she avoided her friends, she couldn't care less about her clothes, her Dad wouldn't look her in the eye and her life was torn apart. And that was only the half of it. Strange things started to happen, things she couldn't explain, things that weren't possible. So her Dad shipped them to Beacon Hills and left her in Eichan House hoping it would fix her. Little did he know it would change her life forever. And that it would all start with a boy with sad eyes and a lopsided smile.

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