Found You (Rap Monster x Reader)

Found You (Rap Monster x Reader)

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"(Y/n) I'm sorry, but I have to go." The young boy said to you.

"Why can't you stay here with me?"

"Because Mom and Dad said we have to leave. I'll come back for you I promise." The boy said getting into the car and drove away with his parents.

The girl just sat there crying her eyes out as she watched her best friend and first love drive away.

------9 years later------

I walked down the street slowly towards my apartment. I was suddenly stopped by a guy wearing a suit.

"Excuse me miss, have you heard of Big Hit Entertainment?"

"Yes." I said eyeing him suspiciously.

He handed me a card and said, "There are auditions in about a week. If you want to audition then just call the number or head to the building to fill out some paperwork."

"Okay, thank you." I said walking again towards my apartment. I guess I can go to the building tomorrow to fill out paperwork. It's not like I have anything better to do anyway.

------Next Day------

I stood in front of the building, I guess this...

404ERR 404ERR Dec 29, 2016
And how am I supposed to look? Like you? Pfffft, id rather not.
ommo103e3kdSd ommo103e3kdSd Dec 26, 2016
5'2 I'm 12 that's not that tall for a girl in that age? 😕🤔
kxajxones kxajxones Dec 27, 2016
"i dont think you can-" ok bich so it dont matter wtf u think i can do. so stfu u big bobble head dumbdum bubblegum head ass.
Did anyone else near an orgasm and Shake violently when they read his name cuz I did
Luna7809113 Luna7809113 2 days ago
I'm 5'2 and I'm going to be 13 in 6 days and I tick I'm small
aesthetic_child aesthetic_child 4 days ago
trust me i got bars
                              *pulls out handle bar and wraps it up in wrapping paper* 
                              you underestimated me