Mate of the Lycan (BxM)

Mate of the Lycan (BxM)

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Libra By Libra4Life2012 Updated 3 days ago

Living in a prestigious pack has it's perks definitely when you stay under the radar. Something Trinity Hollow know how to do all too well. He is all about keeping from being notice anyone. 

That's until the word of him baring the birthmark of the lycanthrope, a mark that is praised within the werewolves community. Rumors quickly spread of him being chosen as a mate candidate by the next leader of their pack and new pack household. His under the radar lifestyle quickly change to being notice by everyone in school.

As he try to get out of being a mate candidate, he wonder if it would even work.

This is a boyxman story.

MrsGoogle MrsGoogle Sep 23
Ok, i get what's going on, but all of those heads and alphas and stuff is kinda confusing...
Love the preview of the story. Can't wait to read the chapters, I'm so excited already!
I really love the preview. I cant wait to read the other chapter
Really great story. I really loved, how right away this story made me laugh. You have some pretty good imaginative skills (if that makes any sense lol). :)
jandrolmao jandrolmao Aug 12
Great story but if you think that Joe Manganiello is a high schooler, you're crazy because he's like what, 40 years old?
Now you know you wrong for that now I'm addicted already lol