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Undertale x Reader (Lemons/smuts/oneshots)

Undertale x Reader (Lemons/smuts/oneshots)

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Author Potato By frisk9_6 Updated May 09

Have fun you dirty bone fuckers! 
[ _)_) Booty]

This pic makes me want to find more.
                              *You are filled with SINS.
could you do a underfell sans x christine\
                              lemon r normal please? when you have the chance of course~
OfficialRoughraff OfficialRoughraff Nov 03, 2016
Ok, my OC, her name is Empress, X Papyrus. Just the regular one. And I have an idea for the title, Lemon Night
MaryjaneRichards MaryjaneRichards Dec 13, 2016
Cry,(don't judge name)
                              Oc by me
                              One blue eye like sans's and the other red were a long blue coat red boots blacks stockings shorts a green sweater with pink strips blue eye covered with dandage.
                              Pretty much an amalgamation of the main characters cause of faster thx
-_ComputingFandoms_- -_ComputingFandoms_- Dec 06, 2016
Delta x Toriel smut
                              Delta is a female skeleton, I'll link you to her picture if you'd like me to.
AryannaNatonyaDeleon AryannaNatonyaDeleon Dec 07, 2016
Sophie lane
                              An oc by me
                              Royal blue wings 
                              Sharp fangs
                              One eye icey blue other is a purple and pink that swirls when she uses her magic
                              And a long purple tail 
                              Clothing is your choice 
                              AND NO SHES NOT A DRACO SHE A HYBRID