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Together Forever - Levi x Reader Fanfic - AIICELY Sequel

Together Forever - Levi x Reader Fanfic - AIICELY Sequel

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kawaiii.estelle By kawaiiiiestelle Completed

(F/N) (L/N) grew up in Wall Rose with her parents. When she was around the age of 5, her beloved parents, were murdered. After they were murdered, the kidnappers had taken her and planned to sell her or just keep her as a sex slave.
  When she escaped she had snuck outside the walls with the small amount of supplies she had gotten. Ever since she escaped (F/N) had never let anyone love her romantically nor touch her romantically in fear she will just be used & end up heartbroken in which she never learned to handle.
  When (F/N) is discovered helping the Survey Corps with the battle against the Titans, what happens when (F/N) falls in love with a certain shorty? Will things get a little bumpy in their who-knows-what relationship or will they have a happy ending after all even after all everything they have been through?
  Find out in 'Together Forever' a Levi x Female Reader Sequel Fanfiction
  Copyright 2016 by Hilary "Cass/Ollie" Walter. All rights reserved.
  All Attack On Titan characters is owned by Hajime Isayama. No OCs belong to me. (Kaito, Jason, Kyouko Kirigiri etc)

Whats the first book name??? Plisss someone answer me 😭😭
Well then...Well I'm going to kill myself if you ask where I am just look up at the ceiling
uneducatednerd uneducatednerd Apr 13, 2016
i don't care really. i'm just SO HAPPY that you made the sequel
AnimeYatoGuru AnimeYatoGuru Jul 22, 2016
uneducatednerd uneducatednerd Apr 13, 2016
ohh why did you have to leave me at here? i just reunited with levi and you leave me here without a lemon???
What is the first book called? I found this one but not the first