One True Love (PDHS) [2016 Version]

One True Love (PDHS) [2016 Version]

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Rachel~Sama 🍑 By CookieFoodz Completed

This is a story about a girl who moved to a new highschool and meets some INTERESTING guys. Above that, she makes some great friends in her Sophomore year. It's like she's falling for all of them... Also, she and the guys share some amazing memor
ies together.

 Then, upcoming, is that there's a dance, who will she let take her? She'll have to decide who she'd like to be with, and only one boy.

(P.S. This is a Laurance x Garroth x Vylad x Zane x Aaron x Travis x Dante x Reader fanfiction for Aphmau. )

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Geeky_GalaxyCat Geeky_GalaxyCat Oct 25, 2017
Honestly this happens to me, I am drawing alone in the cafeteria and some boys in my class comes up to me and starts talking to me and I'm just like 'bish why do you do this to me, you think I care'
ThatPenguin1105 ThatPenguin1105 Nov 25, 2017
                              I'm an amazing nerd for your information
                              *hair flip*
LizaCupcake12345 LizaCupcake12345 Dec 23, 2017
Me when this happens IRL: *throws across the room and continues to sleep*
ilostmykawaii ilostmykawaii Sep 11, 2017
I personally have a problem being stereotyped... 4 some reason idk :T
                              A NERD
                              BISH WUT BOUT U MISTER STUTTER KING
                              and yeah i know im a fabulous person in fact
                              *le hair flip*
ObviGurl1166 ObviGurl1166 Nov 18, 2017
I'm gonna get heartbroken again....everyone is gonna use me again...