Help → Lashton {Editing}

Help → Lashton {Editing}

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♡ Claudia ♡ By SimpaticoLuke Completed

Ashton was moving into his first house, ready to start a new chapter of his life where he could focus on his job and career, but apparently that wasn't going to be the case.

Not when he could hear the small cries of 'Help' from next door.

{book is completed, but i'm reuploading parts as soon as edited}

// tw for rape mention, abuse, kidnapping //

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running off over next door's garden before the hour is done it's more a question of feeling than it is a question of fun
KellicintheButt69 KellicintheButt69 Jul 10, 2017
Ngl im happy that his bf is someone not in 5sos cause if this was Michael or calum I would've died
closetlarrie closetlarrie Jun 03, 2016
Oh it's just me doing math, all is good
                              In all seriousness though I'm slightly freaking out already
_Philsglasses _Philsglasses Apr 14, 2016
Please upload a chapter; this sounds amazing!!! Can't wait!😊😊😊😃
notenoughcats notenoughcats Apr 12, 2016
Listen LISTEN listen LiStEn L I S T E N
                              I will read literally anything that you write bc you are like my fav author and even tho you think all your ideas are the same you manage to make them all different and this sounds GOOD
narrysbish narrysbish Aug 31, 2016
actually this was me today my moms like: you never go outside go get some fresh air
                              And then was when i let out a soft whimper "help"