Third Wheel ~ danisnotonfire X reader

Third Wheel ~ danisnotonfire X reader

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{r o m y} By DanTheFangirl Updated Nov 27

Friend forces you to double date? Bad.
Your date is super awkward and is on his phone the whole time? Worse.
Your friend and  his friend start making out? THE WORST.

Fortunately, your date is the Internet cult leader Dan Howell. And when the two of you start bonding over third wheeling, it turns out that double dates aren't really a bad idea...

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LadyX565 LadyX565 6 days ago
A boy in my class would just say THAT IS MAHOGANY randomly i didn't even realize where it was from😂😂
Everyone's like "oMG BECKY AND JESSICA" and I'm like "omg 'catniss'
Who else sees the hunger game reference, I can't be the only one
                              Seriously, cat,Niss
MoonStar135 MoonStar135 Nov 29
Same. And I'm a fricking flute player so I can breathe pretty well. :'3 I'm amazing
I live in Canada. That would be the most interesting bus ride ever
What a coincidence I live in insert your bus stop here, bc I don't live in UK (ʘдʘ)