The Alpha King's Enchanted Mate...(#Wattys2016)

The Alpha King's Enchanted Mate...(#Wattys2016)

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He waited in the shadows of the overgrown forest watching her silhouette move around her room. He was growing impatient by the minute wanting to claim and possess what was rightfully his.

Tonight will be the night that he claimed her, even though she had already rejected him. He hadn't taken it lightly when she had walked away from him, so now he will have her in any way possible.

The light shut off letting him know that in a few minutes she will fall into a deep slumber. Dashing across the field reaching the bottom of the Inn, he noticed the opened balcony doors. It's as if she had known he would be arriving to claim her.

Turning back into his God given shape, he jumped up onto the second floor with no difficulty. The night's cool breeze woke up his senses as he smelled her intoxicating scent... "MINE!" he growled.

Once inside he smirked at the sight of his Mate sound asleep. Walking over to her, he breathes her in to ease the beast within. "The potion should be working now. Catalina." calling out to her she stirred. 

His body settled on top of hers, his hardened manhood brushing her bare thigh causing him to growl lowly. His beast was trying to convince him to take her, after all, he is the Alpha King and she was his.

Lowering his head, he kissed her neck causing her to moan. Sucking the area he would mark her, he extended his canines grazing her skin. "You can't escape me know my Queen."

Sinking into her neck, her body arched involuntarily as he held her down. Pulling away he licked the blood droplets away then kissed it, she let out a loud moan. "You are bound to me forever my beautiful Catalina... only me." whispering in her ear he then crashed his lips on hers tasting them like he had wanted too since he first saw her.

Kaden Hendry is the Alpha King of his kind ruling all werewolves from England. Cold, disconnected and detached he finds his Mate who rejects him.

Catalina Luna is the foreigner visiting his country and the runaway Mate.

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