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My Cheating Mate and Alpha

My Cheating Mate and Alpha

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Alyzza Segovia By AJMcCartney Updated Apr 13, 2014

I hope you guys like it I know it may not be good but if you wanna give me tips on how to make it better I would be grateful!!

♥♡♥ Dakota's P.O.V.♥♡♥

" Happy 16th birthday Dakota!!!!" yelled my mum, dad,my 12 year old brother, and my best friend Amber.

" Thanks guys!!! Now let me sleep." I said the first part happy then the second one sleepy.

" Dakota we have school today and maybe you'll find your mate at school!!!" Amber squealed

" Dakota when you come back from school today we're going to have a pack meeting and I need you to be present understand? " asked my father.

" I understand daaaaddy." I said

" What do you want?? You always extend the word daddy when you want something so what is it???"

" I was wondering if I could take the new black mustang to school please daddy???" I whined

" Fine since it's your birthday I will give you the car as a present. "he said and Amber and I squealed like mice.

" Thanks dad I love you!!!" I yelled running into his arms, but ended up trip...

broken-n-fearless broken-n-fearless Jul 11, 2016
I'd be getting smacked yet I still do the same thing relatable
green1000 green1000 Jan 24
Who would want a walking STD for a mate, who sleeps with anything on 2 legs.... NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
SMXIII SMXIII Aug 20, 2014
I like this first chapter very much ! =) 
                              Though, I think it would be better if you weren't overdoing the punctuation. It's only my point of view but too much "!!!" and "???" tends to make the reading a tad bit tiring. Otherwise it was great =D
willow121 willow121 Nov 29, 2013
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek so gooooood please keep updating don't stop this boooook bye continue