alpha love

alpha love

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Caitlyn Morgan By red_homestuck_101 Completed

In a world where the dominant species is man kind . A new type  of species appears. 

Jake: a were-wolf 
John: a were-bunny
Dave: a were- fox
Dirk: a were-fox

John lives  in the deep parts of the forest. No human ever goes there . John and his father live in a small wooden cabin where they are safe.  Their forest  doesn't  have any top chain predictors.
Johns dad falls ill  so called johns cousin jake to come watch over him. John doesn't know what his cousin  is.

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Moronici_McMegaDerp Moronici_McMegaDerp Aug 20, 2017
I'm a twilight were-wolf :3
                              (Not from the book or movie twilight... Me and my mother are nerds and we have the game Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and I decided a "twilight-wolf" is a type of wolf, so me and my mom are like Link from LoZ:TP but we're not Link... It's confusing...)
Moronici_McMegaDerp Moronici_McMegaDerp Aug 20, 2017
*reads this with a stoic expression*
                              *thinks about if my mom dies*
                              *starts to tear up*
Having the power to talk to your sibling with your mind would be both great and terrifying.
SpoopyScaryDooter SpoopyScaryDooter Aug 24, 2016
Cool his dad died  
                              Me: Sshhhhhh don't tell them I can relate Sarai: ',:) me: cot damnit))
_hamartithia _hamartithia Jun 04, 2016
Is that yellow triangle thing sticking up from the bottom Casey...?
MadisonD83 MadisonD83 Apr 28, 2016
Interesting fact you probably didn't want to know, bunnies/wabits/rabits have a pregnancy deration of around a month and can get  pregnant again up to 4 days before birth and can have up to 10 kits or baby bunnies.