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Sold To The GangLeader (Slow updates)

Sold To The GangLeader (Slow updates)

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xZAIDAx By xCrazyyGirlx1600 Updated Apr 07

Hi, my name is Jennifer Jade and this is the story of how my life change when my dad sold me to a Gang Leader.
  ~Scene from the book~
  I was pinned to a wall with a hand over my mouth and when I realized it was Jake I sighed with relief. He slowly removed his hand from my mouth but I was still pinned to a wall his face only centimeters away from mine he had a minty breath. "Why did you run away from me" he growled. Words couldn't come out of my mouth so I bit my lip. "Answer me and remember what I said about that lip of yours if you don't stop, I going to bite it," he said in an angry seductive way. I think I got him pissed. "I-I-was-was try-trying to get to my parents" I replied hoping he wouldn't see through my half lie and did what he said about biting my lip. "You know what I hate more than you running away from me" he hissed. "No" I replied but it came out more like a whisper. "You lying to me" he hissed even more pissed. Why is he so pissed? "I don't know why you're so pissed I don't even know you" I replied with some confidence boost. "You may not know me but I know you" he replied still hissing at me. And me having a mouth with no filter replied "Bitch so that's why you got my fucking name tattooed on your fucking arm who do you think you are to do that I'm not your girlfriend or anything for that matter" I bit my lip after what I said "No, you're wrong. You're mine, mine, and only mine" and with that, he crashed his lips onto mine and I quickly kissed him back not even thinking the consequences and he bit my lip and smirked, "I told you if you didn't stop I'd bite that lip" he kept smirking. I guess he's calmer now. He let me go.

Awe thank you so much 😊 it means a lot @shoothiminthe 💛
dakotacally dakotacally Mar 07
Probably like your father.. well I'm guessing he's a gangleader or something