I'm not a Yandere (yandere simulator fanfic) ▶Completed◀

I'm not a Yandere (yandere simulator fanfic) ▶Completed◀

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Cover book art made by Mad-Akuma in deviantart (The amazing artist approved my permission to use their ayano Aishi art for my book cover)
The link to the image is in my bio

if you want ayano aishi to be not a psychopath, obssesed, stalker and other yandere stuff. 

If you're a fan of ayano..

you've come to the right fan fiction.

ayano aishi was really obsessed with taro yamada as she call him her senpai. there's nothing can take away her senpai from her not even death. she was beginning to make a plan to eliminate her rivals once and for all, but then. in her apartment, she saw a note under her bed with a box of tapes. ayano read the note that belongs to her "father" and then watch the 10 tapes in one day, the other day comes as ayano came to school fresh and new with her oddly giddy goody expression and personality. Info-chan, being the person who knows everyone and everything, has created numerous plans to change ayano back to the yandere she was with the help of her new, fierce and skilled companion. 

Desclaimer: Yandere simulator belongs to yandere dev.

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AliciaBrock544 AliciaBrock544 Apr 14, 2016
Has anyone done a fanfic where it's Ayano X Taro and in it she decides to change? Cause I haven't any like that yet.
BookieBall BookieBall Jul 12, 2016
Don't worry Ayano! Everyone feels like they want to kill people sometimes. The trick is to not do it.