Wrong Step into Pledis High [Seventeen Fanfiction]

Wrong Step into Pledis High [Seventeen Fanfiction]

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Lee Jeno's Noona By honey_cheol98 Updated Apr 27, 2016

Seung Hee is just an ordinary girl. She's soon transferred into Pledis High School because she got a scholarship. At first, she rejected the offer but because of her parents, she accepted it. When she was entering the school, she realized that Pledis High School is one of the prestigious school in Seoul. At there, she meets a group of boys named 'Thriller4' where this group has 4 flower boys who came from rich family. The leader of the group named Choi Seungcheol or as known as S.Coups.  The shy and quiet princes named Hong Jisoo or as known as Joshua Hong. The King of Crocodile named Jeon Wonwoo and The master of all the mafia, Kim Mingyu. Seung Hee really hated them since they bullied one of her classmates. Seung Hee promised to herself that she will ruin the Thriller4 with her hands. One day, she attacked Seungcheol by spilling the water to his face. That time, Seungcheol was very angry toward her and he will make her regret for what she had done. He will give her 'RED CARD' to her! He will bully Seung Hee until he satisfied. 

What happened if the love grows? Will Seungcheol stopped bullying her? Will Seung Hee forgive him?

What happened if their rival comes to destroy their relationship? Will Seungcheol and Seung Hee find the true love? 

Seungcheol's mom really hated Seung Hee. She will do anything to make Seung Hee go away from Seungcheol's life. Will Seungcheol accept for what her mother done to his relationship?

"I will love you until I die. Nothing can stop us even my own mother." - Seungcheol
"I always be with you. This necklace is a prove that our love is there with us. I love you with my own heart" - Seung Hee

Will they find the happiness?

Inspired by the drama 'Boys Over Flower' but BASED ON MY IMAGINATION!
Written by: Jung Mina (jazmina_syahidah)
Cover edited by: @JinAhUnnie ^^

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