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OUaT_Oncer_ By OUaT_Oncer_ Updated Feb 05

Emma and Killian have been best friends since they were little kids. She always saw him as the brother she never had. But he thought differently. The second he laid eyes on her, he instantly fell in love. It broke him that she didn't feel the same but he learned to live with it.

After many long years, when Killian starts drifting away from her because of his desire, she questions him about his behavior until he finally breaks. And the outcome is unexpected for the both of them.

What will happen when the bond of a friendship turns into the stronghold of a partnership? Will it ruin their friendship together, or is it really true love?

swansandhooks swansandhooks Dec 05, 2016
Say you'll join that'll make him feel better😏 it'll make him feel in all kinds of ways😏😏😏
annietheoncer annietheoncer Jul 16, 2016
"When you see the future there's irony everywhere"
                              Or when you see the show.
_captainswan__ _captainswan__ Oct 10, 2016
🎵If you want it, take it🎵 thank you Ariana Grande, thank you🙏🏻😂
mia20032 mia20032 Aug 13, 2016
ay por el amor de Dios just ask her out!! 
                              translation: oh for Gods sake
Evis19216 Evis19216 Nov 04, 2016
Can all the oncers team up to find rumple so we can make a deal and ask him to clone a bunch of killians
annietheoncer annietheoncer Jul 16, 2016
She fycking does, or I promise you I'll kill someone if she doesn't.