Titan's Throne

Titan's Throne

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The Onion Junktion By theonionjunktion Updated Jul 10

30 year old Bastian Smith died and reincarnated in a different body in a word different from earth. The body he was in was that of a 12 year old noble boy. Bastian was at a loss. This new body however had a dragon looking tattoo on his chest. When he touched it something strange occurred. 

A powerful voice resounded in his mind. "To the owner of the titans mark be warned. You shall bear great power but  u also bear a curse. Anyone who bears this mark is a child of I the great Ambevilius , emperor of all that is under the heavens. The first to slay or subdue 1000 mark bearers shall become my successor. This is not a destiny you can escape so fight in the name of my glory!"

At this moment the memories belonging to this body merged with his. This was the sovereign continent, a place were only the strong are just! Bastian began his long and adventurous journey... To earn the right to sit on the Titans Throne!

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I like how you structured it, its exposition, but it's still interesting since it's simple.
valindro valindro May 18
I agree with the laws of nature theyr better than what us parasitic humans come up with
JesterCray JesterCray Jun 28
I'd rather live in a world like this instead of Earth though I would miss a couple of things.
pelicanlord pelicanlord Jun 12
Could you maybe work this information into future story's dont bother going back and doing this again but it is generally a bad idea. Just say what the terms are when they come up in your book.
Who doesn't love Body Cultivators? Beating the hell out of Fire Magic with a Hammer sounds nice.
😂 I can barely remember to take my vitamins
                              And you want me to memorize this