He's Fragile | JiKook [COMPLETED]

He's Fragile | JiKook [COMPLETED]

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Xu Minghao By svt_minghao Completed

Park Jimin, abandoned at 5 & homeless. He struggled his way in life trying to survive. 

What happens when the he meets a guy by the name of Jeon Jungkook?


My first ever fanfiction! It's not that great but I tried. Please vote and comment!

Smkx_z Smkx_z Jun 22
I still wanna know what the name is of the group chat 😂😂😂
This isn't boring!!!Poor Chim Chim, this intro makes me want to read on and see what happens.
When you're not popular but people know who you are 
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Lmao I remember this one girl I knew in like what freaking third grade and she actually used to stalk and take pictures of a boy in sixth grade XD