Percy Jackson: The Son Of Tartarus

Percy Jackson: The Son Of Tartarus

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Jon Snow By percyjacksonfannest2 Updated May 28, 2016

He was once their leader and their friend. The people loved him even most of the gods. Sadly that time is over and now he must face the truth and pain. 
Percy Jackson is not wanted. 

Percy had a great life untill he is banished. In his prison he gains more power and now he must save the people who batrayed him.

All PJO and HoO characters  belongs to Rick Riordan.

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bobeita bobeita Nov 15, 2017
uhhhhhhhhhhhh............ okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 
                              cool iguess not expecting dat tho
Softband Softband Apr 23, 2017
... I totally forgot that I already read this fanfic before...
Softband Softband Apr 23, 2017
Me: *looks at Percy* *shifts awkwardly* Um... I´ve never been good with feelings, so... I am sorry? 
                              My sister: *slow claps* Wow.
Who is Hank?
                              Hestia is the nicest goddess there is.
                              Anna Beth would never betray him.
                              What is the creature?!? A monster?! Then all of you are guilty!
Softband Softband Feb 12, 2017
                              U know, Tartarus have many children.
                              Including all the monsters in the world.