Skin and Bones- AU Sans x Reader

Skin and Bones- AU Sans x Reader

38.8K Reads 950 Votes 10 Part Story
~BrainLess~ By Retard101Here4Duty Updated Jun 20, 2016

Please message me in which Sans goes with (y/n) at the end, the choices at here:

•Undertale Sans
•Underfell Sans
•Underswap Sans (and maybe papyrus if he gets enough votes)

 This story is a slow one meaning more chapters and doesn't jump into relationships or smooching that quickly..(i believe it's called a slowburn story ?)

Maybe triggering 
Abuse/sexual harassment
Limes, maybe a lemon at the end 
OCs maybe

Guys I'm typing on my phone, excuse the typing errors ~

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  • aus
  • failedpuns
  • gastersan
  • harem
  • inksan
  • language
  • lime
  • ocs
  • papyrus
  • reader
  • romance
  • sans
  • slow
  • triggeringmaybe
  • underfell
  • underswap
  • undertale
  • xreader
FUĆKING DAD LIKE WTF no child should experience this and a lot of them do like what the héll is wrong with this world
ThisBHDingus ThisBHDingus Apr 02, 2017
Gas: . . . * Has a sign saying " This man's new name is ' Go To HeLl' =)" * . . .
                              Lily: * Eyes turn a white Color * WeLl ThEn Go To HeLl, 'Dad' * She said dad Sarcasticly​ *
Septica_the_skeleton Septica_the_skeleton Mar 04, 2017
I like black, its cool. Not my happy colour but a colour I like.
Sanspai123 Sanspai123 Mar 01, 2017
Black IS my happy color ;-; people say that's bad guess what IT'S NOT
EmotionlessJerk EmotionlessJerk Dec 15, 2016
Nah.*kill everybody in the story but reader-chan*welp...I broke the fourth wall,bye!
ItzGabrxiella ItzGabrxiella Nov 29, 2016
The picture is me XDXDXD black is my happy color,besides blue of course.