Be My Stalker

Be My Stalker

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This is the second phanfic of my 'Stalker Series' - 
1st phanfic : I'm Not A Stalker (completed)
2nd phanfic: Be My Stalker (completed)
3rd phanfic: I'm your stalker (ongoing)


After Dan finds out that his Boyfriend and his true love has been lying to him throughout the time they know each other and that he is secretly the YouTube star AmazingPhil that he has been stalking, he doesn't know what to do.

In anger and sadness he has shut Phil out of his life. Not replying to any texts, calls and even emails.  

But that doesn't stop him from reading them....

And by the way I'm here so get ready to be annoyed with my non sense comments
Damn Daniel back at it again with being a over dramatic shït
smsins smsins Jun 27
i love how the first book's picture is Dan, then the other's picture is of Phil and the last's it's of their selfie.
ok but he stayed with katie after all she did,, and phil ends up being dans inspiration and this happens?? bOI
AAlex02 AAlex02 Apr 12
Wow... YouTube isnt all white people smh
                              (lol im jk but srsly)
When I reached the vote limit on the first one and now I can't vote...