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Queen Victoria Alsina By 1-800-CHOKE-DAT-HOE Completed

Anyone ever make you feel complete. Ever felt as if you have found the right one and nothing can make you change that. Well follow Zayden on her unplanned journey to feel complete and whole.


⚠vulgar language and sexual content⚠

I gotta beat áss and I just started reading this *takes off earrings*
Nahh I would have got in my car with engine started called him and told him I was preggo after what he said
Wow killing innocent children is love welp I guess I loved no one
Lilcrazzy26 Lilcrazzy26 Sep 14
Bruh nigga I would've cut your arms off, roasted them bitches, and feed it to you. Then throw you in a quarrie. Even tho I wouldn't do that cuz I'm too lazy
I didn't know beating your girlfriend up daily and killing her baby was love...Oh well, people show affection in different ways...☕️
I wanna jump in this story cut off his dick and sew it on his forehead