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Samantha Stead By SamanthaStead Updated 5 years ago
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Hi !! How i can translate your story in french !! 
                                    Im not so strong in english for translate it myself ! :) 
                                    Thanxs ! :) 
I really like it, but i was thinking bout some other titles; how bout: 'wishing i was his Cinderella'. or 'a Cinderella story'. just trying to make the title sound more original and i can make a cover easier if you do change it. :)
Cute! I like it! I think you might want to give us a little more background, rather than just jumping in though. SOmetimes it's not the romance that's the best part; it's the build-up. ANyway, I thought it was really good, and you should definitely continue <3
Well that guy isnt really nice
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I want more! It's really good well done :) Leave a post on my wall when there's more please taah :)