Sui Generis

Sui Generis

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Donna & Mallory By RPfanatics Updated Dec 12, 2010

Logan used to be a normal guy. . .

He worked at a skating rink, lived in a home with his Mother, Father and little Brother. With great grades and a beautiful girlfriend, he thought his life was going perfectly. Until he was kidnapped right off of his own street and taken away to a huge school out in the middle of nowhere. Logan didn’t think things could get much stranger. Then they told him that everyone there had unique superhuman abilities like in all those movies Logan had watched, and his mind had to do a double-take.

He didn’t believe it for three long days of self-induced solitude in his dorm room. But when he came out and explored around, he found all these whacked-out stories that they’d told him upon his arrival to be true. He even discovers that they were right about him possessing powers of his own. When he was exploring the grounds, he stumbled, and when I say stumbled, I mean stumbled. Across a spunky, and super talktative girl named Misty D'entremont, and they grow to be very good friends.

But an alarming phone call from his Mother telling him his brother is in trouble jolts Logan back to reality. He realizes that he’s got to make his way back home, despite the lethal warnings from everyone back at the School. Misty and Logan embark on a journey against the odds through the mysterious woods surrounding Sui Generis, and fight for their lives against fierce creatures. Tensions and emotions are high for both the teenagers, and betrayal is just around the corner. Can they fight against fate and win the battle?

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