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If Love Was A Sin (Elizabeth X MaleReader)

If Love Was A Sin (Elizabeth X MaleReader)

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The-Ice-Virus By The-Ice-Virus Updated Aug 14, 2016

(A/n) This was a request from a while ago that I never got around to doing, I know I have alot of stories but what's one more gonna hurt.

It was sunrise in a small town in a valley. You awoke on the rooftops of one of the houses.

You were a young man by the name of (Y/N) with (s/c), (h/l) (h/c), and fearsome red eyes. You wore a black jacket that stopped at the back of your knees with a grey shirt underneath. You had black pants, black boots, black gloves, and a cross necklace.

You jumped to your feet. "Well that was enough rest for now, time to head out." You said as you leapt from rooftop to rooftop.

"I'm close I know I'm almost there, I have to find him, I must find the captain." 


In a tavern some distance away, a young boy with blond hair was serving the people of the bar their drinks and food, though the food wasn't the best, but the alcohol was.

He overheard people talking about the seven deadly sins and how there might be another sin among them, an eighth sin....

eragon2502 eragon2502 Oct 08, 2016
I'll be fine *gets stabbed by Gilthunder* nevermind then*dies*
WhiteChristo WhiteChristo Sep 05, 2016
They know me as Frisk the eigthth sin of determination. Undertale has just changed the way i look at the word determination.
Rohanator Rohanator Feb 06
Your soul and dignity if people hate it yes I am very blunt deal with it
One of my eyes are red but the other one is blue so this could work :3
PotatoesMunching PotatoesMunching May 16, 2016
Question: Is Reader taller than meliodas and has a normal persons height?
                              Great story by the way! ^-^
-Kirov- -Kirov- Feb 20
Joseph Stalin sin of Hatred wouldve been funny XD for history buffs atleast