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Lydia O. Red By theCuppedCake Updated Aug 26

Ace Salander doesn't think that one can fall in love. Well, he's right. He crashes right into it. 

Buying his first suit and renting a blue Subaru for a job interview didn't sound bad at all to Ace. Except he'd forgotten that driving wasn't as easy as he thought it would be; and that putting a dent in a Mercedes wasn't going to make him any more broke than he was already.

[A spin-off from the Baked series, Ace and Blake get a story of their own <3 hehe]

From "Couldn't put a finger on this Ace guy's identity" to "Put a Dick on this Ace Guy" real quick
This reminds me of Baked Love again...Xander finally realizing who Chip is and Chip is all confoozled like...breh
Evie_Black Evie_Black 4 days ago
Correction: That car you bumped in actually belongs to your future husband
qXy54321000 qXy54321000 Sep 06
you know, Vicky is soooo much nicer than the horrible people that have shown up recently in chip and Xander's life, like everybody reading actually misses her XD
(-_____-)*looks at phone then looks at the window*The caller just called him salamander.😂😂(•—•)
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