"I love you and only you......"(Karma Akabane x Reader fanfiction)

"I love you and only you......"(Karma Akabane x Reader fanfiction)

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Lyanne2006 By Lyanne2006 Updated Apr 13, 2016

Y/N L/N(you reader)is one of the most smartest students in Kunugigaoka high school you always competed with Asano Gakushu the Principal's son,you were called the most beautiful female in Kunugigaoka because of your perfect body with your perfect curves,with your beautiful F/C orbs and with your beautiful face no doubt you always have admirers following you and you always had the boys fall for you but you have a big secret you are an assassin a pro you're the well-known assassin called as..

"The deadly night"

You were called that because you always strike at night and you leave no evidences behind all of them are with you as you slip past your killed target's body and leave the crime scene without leaving any trace of you....

As you've been informed by the government about that octopus that tends to blow up earth on March you've been interested by this job and wasted no time agreeing to kill him and as you've been sent to E-Class you'll ever meet new people and new classmates....

Apparently a red-haired boy gained your attention and you seem to be fond of him....

Does he feel the same?

Find out in "I love you and only you......"(Karma Akabane x reader fanfiction)!

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