Tenryubito(One Piece Fanfic)<On Hold>

Tenryubito(One Piece Fanfic)<On Hold>

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Random-chan By TheRandomSilverette Updated Jul 18, 2017

Tenryuubito. A word that many fear and hate. They are rich, arrogant and cruel to the point of killing and enslaving people without a second thought. 
Scarlet is a girl with a fierce hatred for the  Tenryuubito. Having lost her mother and best and only friend to them, she would do almost anything to kill the one responsible. 
Yet she has the very same blood flowing through her veins and wouldn't want anything more than to pour it all out. 
But she couldn't die, not when her loved ones were still there. 
Even if she didn't , she would never forget her hatred. 
Her revenge. 
Her pain.
Nor the feeling of guilt when failing to protect the very person she loved most. 

Each chapter about 700 words.
Tenryuubito= Celestial Dragon(for the people who watch the English dub)

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece or any of the characters, only my OCs

⚠️ spoiler alert

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Totalspectrum Totalspectrum Oct 23, 2016
Oh god! Sorry,I stole the image of your main character for my story! I typed in red head anime girl on Google ! Completely forgot you had already used it.😰
Totalspectrum Totalspectrum Oct 04, 2016
You could've been a lot more descriptive when she got knocked out by the Marines. You should try to use third POV,I use it cuz I can easily write about the thoughts and emotions in each if my characters.