If you dont fall for me. I wont fall for you (Human! Karkat x Reader)

If you dont fall for me. I wont fall for you (Human! Karkat x Reader)

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This is a Human Karkat x reader (As said on top) . So i really hope the reader enjoys this Fanfic. :) And if its ok I am putting myself in (as your bff) if you would like you may use someone else. (Spoiler: In the middle of this story you might want to think agressively. This is going to be in parts just so you know)

You sit on your couch alone and hungry. Its time for that to change. You decide to go outside for some fresh air since you haven't been out in a while. You walk outside to such a happy day. Ok not really it was a rainy August Day. Today is actually the day your roommate made you go look for a job. You have to help pay off the rent for the apartment. You kinda don't get why you even pay the rent. Your apartment was Horrible.

The roof leaked. Your door was hard to lock, The bathroom was disgusting And your Neighbors were just like the bathroom. Really The people should be paying you to live there.

Anyways. You begin to walk around to look for some job openings. It was har...

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meanna11o4 meanna11o4 Jan 16
                              am i a girl?
                              *questions their life*
                              Sh!t screw it i don't even know anymore its not like genders even matter anyway
                              *examines society*
                               Ahhhhhhhh... Well fück.
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Time is a tool you can put on the wall or wear it on your *~wrizd!~*
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meanna11o4 meanna11o4 Jan 16
                              *scoffs and walks away while making a disgusted face*
                              I am DISGUSTED!
....I thought you loved me.....*cries in fef's arms*😢😢😢