Different Species, Same Feelings (Sans x Frisk)

Different Species, Same Feelings (Sans x Frisk)

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simplycrazygurl By simplycrazygurl Updated Nov 17

The barrier is broken. Monsters are now free to roam the surface and Frisk is back to her original home. Living with her "goat mom". Now, Sans (the human's friend) started to grow feelings for her, and so does Frisk! The only problem is.... Sans is a monster and Frisk is a human! Now, how will they work out their so called "relationship"???

Yeah! I know that in the game it states that Frisk is a child but.... JUST LET ME DREAM!!! In this story, Frisk is 17 and Sans is... 2 years older than Frisk. That should work out right? Also, this is after Frisk's FIRST true pacifist ending soooo... Frisk doesn't really know about the genocide run. And, one more thing! Frisk and Chara in my story are both girls, okay?!

~Peace out!

I like how they after seeing their friends hold hands they start shipping it, might as well ship frisk x Toriel XD
You know, first person isn't really my thing, and I'd cringe anytime it happens to be kind of missing some background details and stuff, but boy is this so lovely! I'll even throw a knife at you for making me fangirl for straight three minutes.
Rythmi_Mink Rythmi_Mink Jun 13
Lol I love your description XD I know! Ppl are like shouting PEDOPHILIA! but we changed their ages and they dont pay attention to that lol I have sans as 22 and frisk as 19 in my fic XD
RosieVulpes RosieVulpes Apr 12
YES! Another Frans shipper! I love this so far and I can't wait for the next chapter.