Diabolik Lovers × VAMPIRE!!! Reader

Diabolik Lovers × VAMPIRE!!! Reader

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🍡もちもち🍡 By XxkawaiioverloadxX Updated 4 days ago

What if you were raise by the Sakamaki brothers, but soon taken away just because of one little mistake. Twelve years later you've come back with no memories of them. The brothers mission: is to make you fall in love with them as they all fall for you. Who will you choose?

PS: The clock is ticking~

This is my first Reader insert >‿< so, please don't mind the mistakes ԅ(。≖﹏≖。ԅ)

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jjmoto5vb jjmoto5vb Feb 15
Wait are the boys in their child state or in their teen(man hood) state?
You and teddy are a bad  influence.....but YOU'RE STILL SO KAWAII!!!!
ArdenBothell ArdenBothell Aug 08, 2016
Ooohhh, I like this story. This reminds me of Myself when I was a little girl!
Misty-Ice Misty-Ice Dec 22, 2016
                              U NO UNDERSTAND!?.
                              LEMME REPEAT
                              *SHOUTS AT THE MIC*
Pinkhart21 Pinkhart21 Oct 16, 2016
*suddenly remembers the vine 'My name is Jeff'* Hahahahahahahahaha!
IvyRadio2016 IvyRadio2016 Dec 22, 2016