(COMPLETED) Above It All (Love and Abuse Novel)

(COMPLETED) Above It All (Love and Abuse Novel)

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chocolate_dimplez By chocolate_dimplez Completed

Who are we to judge?
Shall I start off with such a controversial question that boggles the minds of people within our society today?
I shall...

We tend to stay within the boundaries society sets for us when it comes to who we fall in love with. Boy and Girl, Rich and Rich, Poor and Poor, Intelligent and Intelligent and so on. But me, I love to complicate things if you have read any of my other stories.

How about...?
Girl and Girl, rich and poor, intelligent and lazy?
Sounds perfect to me.

Our main characters, Heaven Williams and Pharaoh(Fair-oh) Mendez are total opposites. Pharaoh finds himself hating Heaven with a passion because of her divine perfection, but behind closed doors she is prone to abuse and a dwindling middle class. On the other hand Pharaoh has everything his heart desires. But he is rude and disrespectful, damages and defaces school property, races cars, and has many tattoos and snakebite lip piercings. Definitely Pearson High School's bad boy.

You know how it goes...

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Lost this book in my library.... and now quite some time later I'm finding it again😑.I'm happy yaaaay, but also very late😂
5th time reading. I love this book I always come back to read it.
tia_pooh tia_pooh Jan 11
Lol you gotta be cancer only cancers make things complicated to understand
Also to y'all who thinks the book is ruined because they've said that the main characters are gonna end up together, c'mon guys. It's not the ending or the beginning that makes a book, it's everything in-between.
I didn't come in here with high expectations but I'm hooked, I love the way the intro is written.