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Wolf Prince [Undergoing Major Editing]

Wolf Prince [Undergoing Major Editing]

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Ivette ♊♀ By Sexyglamoruz Completed


As the wolf prince, Walter is raised to never show weakness. If he does such thing, other dominant wolves in the pack can challenge him for the Alpha title, so in the presence of others he behaves like nothing fazes him. 

When it is time for Walter to choose a bride, he has the choice of two beautiful Alpha females, but when he visits an ally, one tall female with long brunette hair and deep brown eyes catches his eye. 


Ever since her mother died, Eleanor has been treated like garbage by the man supposed to love her unconditionally, the man meant to protect her: her father, the alpha of her pack. She knows Alphas cannot show weakness, but nothing excuses the beatings her father gives her or the fact he
forbids her from ever leaving the house.

At the age of twenty-one, she is supposed to already have a
husband, but who on earth would want someone like her?

One day, she walks into her father's office, not catching the scent of the dominant wolf inside until is too late, until those deep violet eyes of a royal lock upon hers.

Highest ranking: #58 in Werewolf
Thank you to everyone taking the time to read the story/comment and vote. It is much appreciated.

So you couldn't do it yourself your husband is an Alpha WTF? 😠
AbigailBraga AbigailBraga Feb 13, 2016
It's nice having that kind of change. You always see happy chapter after happy chapter. Honestly, it gets a bit boring. I've actually done the same for my new WHIP...sometimes we need a change in pace. :) I'm ready!
Nikkie_Mae Nikkie_Mae Apr 01, 2016
Im confused  as hell. But its hard to stop cuz the book is amazing also the author 😄😄
punch-a-dolphin punch-a-dolphin Jun 01, 2016
*huffs impatiently* 360 degrees is a full rotation, a semi-rotation is 180 degrees. If he turned 360 degrees, he would be the same. The correct term for completely changing your mind is 180.
                              360- full circle
                              189- half circle
- - Aug 22, 2016
I hate this story so much, but at the same time I love it. I laughed, cried, and cursed you out, author, for making this story so twisted and horrible but so addicting and good. Thank you for the mindshredder
Ttbubblesxox Ttbubblesxox Aug 12, 2016
I legit saw this writing on the right and thought "this is legit" 😂