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Sparkle Sparkle Rainbows By Devil_Spawn Updated Jan 23

Levi is a regular neko. 

Neko's don't have regular lives. 

They are basically human but they don't see love the same way. 

They don't fall in love. They choose their mates the same way other animals so. 

Elephant seals mate with the male with the biggest nose. Birds do the same with the male with the brightest feathers. 

Neko's mate with those who show them the most pure hearted affection. 

Levi's life gets... Complicated... When he's on a hunt for affection but instead gets enslaved by a man who wants nothing but his body,

At first....

I hope you're happy, I just snorted while laughing my ass off at this XD
Also, I'd like to point out that Erwin's eyebrows isn't the only big thing here
                              Go south a bit
MuneCode MuneCode Mar 17
You would be surprised at how many times I say that on a daily basis
Is it Erwin trying to be Sam? * still slamming my head and some how taling*
Why.. Sam.. smith.. *slams head in table repeating over and over again untill I bleed*
I see broken lands cause I can imagine what earth would look like if there was a apocalypse I know creepy