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Kiddnaped (Percy Jackson And Avengers Book)

Kiddnaped (Percy Jackson And Avengers Book)

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StarDoesMinecraft By StarDoesMinecraft Completed

This is all about Percy Jackson after the war with Mother Earth. Percy Jackson gets kidnaped by teh Avegers and taken to a faraway base. Before he passed out he links Grover a SOS and now it's up to the seven (And company) to save their fellow friend before something else happenes.

person#1: i go to google
                              person#2: no i asked what high school *shakes head and walks away*
When it said '4ins' I thought it said 'fins' and I was like 'oh, that's new'
*disappear, *S.H.I.E.L.D, *disappear, *Assemble, *Asgard, *Steve, *didn't, *these, *fashionably, *someone, *angrily, *Steve, *Steve, *Steve, *intimidating, all in that order in this paragraph... (I feel awful about having to give soo many corrections... I don't want to be mean...)
Vv2021 Vv2021 Mar 12
Ummm not meaning to correct you but........ It's Blofis...........😁✌️
1) Disappeared
                              2) It's actually Paul Blofis, but that spelling mistake was pure gold XD
Writing tips:
                              1) I know I and a few other authors do this, but when you specify someone's point of view, you can put "Percy’s POV", or in the case down below, "Nick Fury's (or just Fury's) POV".
                              2) When writing dialogue, you pretty much always start a new paragraph when another person is speaking.