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Zahra Shay, a humorous African-American girl with a shy side is just a small town girl who attends a private high school mostly composed of Caucasian students. She walks the halls with her two best friends Brooke Long, an energetic Caucasian girl, and Dante Delgado, a feisty Hispanic boy. Just when Zahra thinks her junior year is going to suck, Kenji Moon, an Asian transfer student from Korea enters the school. From the moment Zahra lays eyes on Kenji, she finds him rather captivating and exotic. Of course she isn’t the only one to think so, anyone would drool over his fiery appearance. 
                             Rumors around the school say that there is more to Kenji than meets the eye. These rumors are not far from the truth. As Zahra gets closer to Kenji, she discovers an exciting yet horrifying secret. Dive into this story “Synonyms” and discover the hidden secrets that arise.
yeah i was just about to comment on that. Def not Korean & there's some bad blood between Koreans and the Japanese so it doesn't make sense that a Korean person would have a Japanese name if they're not part
I mean...I like this story but but it's really bothering me that Kenji has a traditionally Japanese name not a Korean one.  
                                    Like is this explained later or...?
This is a good read! I love AMBW but, alot of the writers out there writing them either don't know how to write or are just way too graphic. Thank you for not being that way aha.  I look forward to reading your story girly :)
@oaktree89 I agree no offance but I always see white Caucasian people so its nice to see a difference
@kayalways I know, I know, and trust me, I try. And I've improved too, but it's still kind of hard when your teachers have the eyes of a hawk
Lmfao, that's what me and my friends would do after being late for class. haha...only we got caught...:(